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#1 Way to Protect a Lineman

Climbing a Light PoleHow to Protect Your Lineman

Electrical Linemen train hard and dedicate themselves to serving the public.

Here is a simple way to protect them from injury – and get your power on faster after the lights go out!

Electrical utility poles are great places to post GARAGE SALE signs, right? Wrong!

These guys have to climb that light pole, and anything stuck to it puts them at serious risk.

The thumbtacks, nails, and staples used to secure these items can quickly puncture a lineman’s rubber safety gloves – leaving them vulnerable to electrocution.

And when you use a nail, it might end up blocking a climbing hook the linemen is expecting to sink into the soft wood. This could cause him to slip and fall, leaving him with serious injuries.

Please remember that linemen work without a net! If he has to unhook his harness to move above an obstacle you have placed in his path, you are putting a hard-working American in danger and adding time to your power being restored.

Remember: Use signs that have wooden stakes or metal poles to stick into the ground NEAR the pole.

And NEVER attach anything to a light pole!

Bevins: Protecting Linemen since 1957