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2014 Hurricane Season: 3 Things You Need to Know

Hurricane Season 2014

Storm Season 2014

1. El Niño
With the oncoming of the warmer water area in the Pacific known as El Niño comes a quieter year for hurricanes and other intense weather systems around the world. At least that’s the hope of meteorologists, linemen and tower climbers!

2. New Technology
This year, storm watchers will send several winged drones into the developing storms. The benefits of this are many, but at the top of the list is the ability to forecast the speed at which a hurricane is moving and the direction it’s going – helping forecasters to know where they need to evacuate.

3. Storm Surge
The time when most people are just breathing a sigh of relief is when forecasters hold their breath. Just after the majority of wind dies down over land, the far more serious threat arises – the level of storm surge impacting the coast line. Basically, dangerous storm surges causes most of the damage left by a hurricane.

Be Prepared

Read up on your OSHA standards now – they’re there for your safety!
OSHA page for Linemen
OSHA page for Tower Climbers

Whatever your safety equipment and gear, make sure they are up to date and ready to go along with plenty of bottled water and your choice of easy access nutrition.

Whether you live near the coast or in the heart of the plains, weather systems that can cause damage to towers and electrical lines are on their way.

So let’s keep it safe out there!