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4th Most Dangerous Job – Power Linemen

Danger? What danger?

It’s pretty common knowledge that the job a lineman does is risky. Just how risky wasn’t quite realized until the year 1990, when the National Safety Council reported that electrocutions were the fourth leading cause of work-related traumatic death.

A few people started to pay attention. But it was only a few. After all, it’s a man’s choice to become a lineman, and though everyone knows they’re working with electricity, somehow to most people, it looks as simple as the work the cable guy does.

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What linemen really do.

Since then, word of the skills, strength, risks and endurance of the lineman has reached people and touched their hearts and minds. In fact, t-shirts are out, races honor fallen linemen and movies are being made to depict the work of the guys doing the 4th most dangerous job.

At Bevins, we’ve known all along how serious your work really is. We know how much information you have to have, regulations you must follow, shortcuts you can never take, hours spent away from your families, and the literal blood, sweat and tears you pour into your job.

Your job helps people live safe and secure lives where everything works, and lights shine brightly in the windows, and temperatures are kept comfortable and stable. We know how hard you work – for everyone’s families.

What’s our job?

Not only that. But we understand just how to keep you safe, each and every time you head out to a job site.

Our founder M.W. Bevins started this business with a brand new idea for a tool to keep linemen safer. And we continue to push for safety here as hard as we push for excellence and innovation in our products. What we do is work to make the job of a linemen safer and easier to do the right way – the first time.

Remember tailgate meetings. Watch your brother’s back. Think Safety. Live Tough.

~ Bevins