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The CHANCE® Auto-Ranging Voltage Indicator, or ARVI, is the smart, next-generation, electric field intensity meter used as a diagnostic tool by qualified linemen to detect the presence or absence of voltage.

The ARVI confirms whether a high-voltage line is energized or de-energized before any maintenance is done. It’s designed to determine approximate phase-to-phase voltage classes up to 500kV.



Simple to operate, it provides the means to determine if a line is:

  • De-energized,
  • Carrying abnormal system voltage from any source or induced charged from an adjacent live circuit,
  • Or energized at full system voltage.

It also discovers the combined field intensity of all conductors in the area – including ground wires and grounded equipment. After the initial job is done, the ARVI can be used to confirm circuit condition, just to be on the safe side.


  • Portable tool
  • Single push-button activated
  • Complies with OSHA 1910.269 to Test for Absence of Nominal Voltage
  • 600V to 500kV
  • Hold Feature
  • Low battery noted by blinking light
  • Sleep mode to protect batteries
  • Variable audio to accomodate noisy locations
  • Bright display lights indicate voltage class
  • For Overhead and Underground (URD) with appropriate adapters

SAFETY TIP:The ARVI must always be used with an Epoxiglas® universal insulated Hot Stick for safety and to maintain calibration and proper OSHA working clearances.

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