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Happy Holidays! Be Safe, Be Bright



This year has been a bronc buster for us, but it’s been well worth the wild ride. We’re continuing to place an emphasis on better ways to access Bevins’ Service, Repair, and Support.

⚡ New tool bags with Quick Guide instructions inserts.
⚡ QR codes on each new product for easy access to instructions & support in the field.
⚡ More How-To videos on our website.

2016 Major Accomplishments

⚡ The Multi-Range Voltage Indicator – Just released!
⚡ The Proximity Voltage Indicator
⚡ The Polymer Insulator Tester
⚡ The Resettable Trunnion Exchange

2017 Tools & Technology

Okay, so you know we can’t tell you about tools still in research, development and testing, but let’s just say that, here at Bevins, we’re always looking for ways to keep linemen safe and more efficient in the field. So stay tuned!

60 Years as The Original

In 1957, M.W. Bevins began Bevins Co. and the original Analog Phasing Tester began saving the lives of linemen. A few years later, Bevins Co. partnered with CHANCE, then later Hubbell, in an exclusive relationship that continues to promote tools that offer safety and protection to linemen everywhere.

This March, we will celebrate 60 years of developing the cutting edge tools and technology that help linemen work safely and efficiently every day. So, on New Year’s Eve, raise a glass to 60 more years of saving lives.

And if you’re looking for any of our products, contact your local Hubbell Distributor today!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Strength & Honor,