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Bevins Goes to Mesa Hotline School 2015


Mesa Hotline School is an annual two week event designed to offer training for the ultimate repair and maintenance of electrical transmission and distribution. Manufacturers and consultants combine to teach new linemen and apprentices current techniques and theories on topics like temporary grounding of electric lines for the protection of personnel.

That’s why in 1996, Bevins Co. took it’s first trip to Mesa Hotline School, and we’ve been involved there ever since. In recent years we’ve assisted with the underground cable theory class as well as sponsoring the annual Barbecue with Hubbell Power Systems and Solomon Corporation.

This year, with a record attendance of over 260 students, Bevins will be represented by Heather Bevins and Mike Cotner, bringing along a sampling of all our products for the vendor shows.

Be sure to stop by and get your hands on some of the best tools out there for linemen.. If you’d like to learn more about Mesa Hotline School, click here.

Bevins: The Best Tools for Working Hotline

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