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Bluetooth Torque Indicator by Bevins/CHANCE

Much stronger. More robust.

The 2nd generation of the Bevins/CHANCE Torque Indicator is Bluetooth enabled and far more efficient than the first. Almost 80 years after an accidental death on the line prompted MW Bevins to build the first phasing set, Rich Bevins continues to add lineman safety tools and technology to the Bevins product line.

Best news ever?

If you do break the display you can bring us the code on the broken part, and we can look up the serial/Julian date code and re-calibrate a new circuit board to the shaft. So it’s plug-and-play.

We improved the shaft as well with better metallurgy and scientifically-precise heat treatment. This 2nd generation Torque Indicator proves itself far more advanced and ready for action than the first.

Battery setup allows for 4 times longer run time!

It comes ready for action with 2 batteries but runs efficiently on one at a time. Even better, we encapsulated the circuit board and display to be waterproof and damage-proof. All this means the board, the Bluetooth setup, and the batteries make it last 4 times as long!

So talk to your local Hubbell distributor about getting set up with this new lineman technology today!

Watch Rich and Casey show you the awesome features of this new Torque Indicator!