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Bluetooth® Voltage Indicator

The CHANCE® Multi-Range Voltage Indicator (PSC4033710), or MRVI, is designed to determine approximate Phase-to-Phase and Phase-to-Ground nominal voltage up to 80 kV through direct contact.

The ONLY Bluetooth® Tester on the Market!

We know how crucial testing for nominal voltage is in every powerline repair or maintenance situation. That’s why we created the first Voltage Indicator that works with Bluetooth® technology to bring the readings right to your Apple or Android device! Get the information you need to do the job safely – right in your hand. You can even email them to yourself for later reference.

  • Capacitive test point through 80 kV AC for overhead & underground systems
  • New lightweight design (19.8 oz without batteries)
  • Illuminated fluorescent pointer
  • Power-saving sleep mode (auto-off)


Meets intent of OSHA 1910.269 to test for absence of nominal voltage

The MRVI is used to determine if power lines are at rated voltage, have induced voltage, or are de-energized, so you can make the most informed decisions on how to safely complete the job at hand. And here’s how we made that job even easier:

  • New storage bag snaphooks easily onto a lineman’s belt for easy transportation.
  • Manual Hold Mode allows for verification in extreme conditions.
  • Unit checks battery condition automatically on startup.
  • Changing batteries has never been easier with our new, easy-access battery drawer.


We know linemen are often in the field without the product manual to refer to. So we’ve added the full-access QR code on all new products and storage bags.
Use any smart device to link immediately to the following:

  • Video Manual
  • Online Manual
  • Repair Form
  • Customer Service Line

Linemen need never find themselves without directions, support or service when they need it most.

See your local Hubbell Distributor to grab yours today!