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Power Linemen & Winter Storm Safety

We asked Marty, one of our resident experts and a former power lineman, what he thought was the most important thing to remember when working on the line during winter storms. Take notes from this veteran lineman and you’re likely to stay alive and prevent accidents from happening around you.

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Linemen: Doing the Most Good

It’s the season of giving and thankfulness. This year, we thought we’d share a story with you about a group of linemen who took vacation time to volunteer to do the most good in a tiny village desperately in need of electricity and the economic boost it provides.

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Bevins’ History & Lineman Safety

In 1943, after a death involving a member of his crew, Marvin Bevins worked for three weeks, day and night, to invent the Analog Phasing Tester. There, Bevins Co. began its history of creating the best linemen safety tools available. Read more to discover the full history.

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Wisdom from a Veteran Lineman

Recently, we had a conversation with Steve – a linemen who’s been working the job for 30 years. When he started as a lineman, they only had a 240V light bulb and a 1V meter as test equipment. Here are his words to his fellow linemen.

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Raising Awareness for Linemen Safety

Team Bevins has been traveling the country with Team Hubbell, demonstrating linemen safety tools and technology and raising awareness about the risks linemen take and the best new ways to prevent accidents. We recently hit events like SWEDE and the APPA Lineman Rodeo. Find out where we’ll be next!

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Bevins Takes on Denver’s Blucifer

One day I encountered Blucifer. I didn’t want to think about dead artisans, creepy airport paintings and cursed horses. I’d come to remind everyone that safety really does matter in the electric utility industry, and to discuss the newest innovations and ideas we’re developing at Bevins.

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Bevins Hits Distributech 2017

At DistribuTECH, we work with the guys who make it happen, our Hubbell distributors, to communicate just how our tools are the best way to keep linemen heading home to their families each night.

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2017 Chili Bowl

Bevins Preps for Chili Bowl 2017

Bevins is sending its best man and Midget into the race for Chili Bowl 2017 at Tulsa’s Quick Trip Center! It’s the best way to spend Friday the 13th this year. So join this weekend for the best thing in winter.

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