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Linemen: Doing the Most Good

It’s the season of giving and thankfulness. This year, we thought we’d share a story with you about a group of linemen who took vacation time to volunteer to do the most good in a tiny village desperately in need of electricity and the economic boost it provides.

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Wisdom from a Veteran Lineman

Recently, we had a conversation with Steve – a linemen who’s been working the job for 30 years. When he started as a lineman, they only had a 240V light bulb and a 1V meter as test equipment. Here are his words to his fellow linemen.

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Our Tradition: Linemen Safety in a Dangerous Job

M.W. Bevins founded this company in 1957, sometime after he had invented the Original Phasing Set – to provide a safer way for linemen to test for live voltage. Today, Rich Bevins – the grandson of MW – carries on the tradition of saving the lives of these brave men and women by continuing to create new instruments, tools and technology to be used in the electrical power industry.

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multi-range voltage detector bluetooth

Bluetooth® Voltage Indicator

We know how crucial testing for nominal voltage is in every powerline repair or maintenance situation. That’s why we created the first Voltage Indicator that works with Bluetooth® technology to bring the readings right to your Apple or Android device! Get the information you need to do the job safely – right in your hand.

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Where’s Rich? Arlington, TX

It’s winter, and the sky is just as gloomy as it looks in this pic. But Rich Bevins is still working like a steam engine to get the best service and support for all our customers.

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Happy Holidays! Be Safe, Be Bright

This year has been a bronc buster for us, but it’s been well worth the wild ride. We’re continuing to place an emphasis on better ways to access Bevins’ Service, Repair, and Support. But we’re also developing new technology to be released in 2017!

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Where’s Rich? Testing at PSO

This week, Rich headed to PSO with several upcoming tools for some live action testing. Casey Evans, Marty Admire, Tracy Weldon of PSO and Denver (VP of Engineering) joined him on this bright, cold day outdoors with these awesome tools and tech!

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Where’s Rich Bevins?

Rich Bevins, our fearless leader and 3rd generation president and CEO of Bevins Co., travels all over to bring the best tools and tech to your crew. So we decided to do a log, of sorts, to keep track of his whereabouts on all his journeys.

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