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On a Mission: Linemen Safety Education

Someone asked me… “Why do you still travel to teach safety to utilities and linemen?” It was an honest question. With all the talk of linemen safety and being your brother’s keeper, it appears to be a conversation everyone has already had. So why do I continue to travel? Because the conversation has just begun. […]

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TECHAdvantage 2018

The Bevins team joined the Hubbell guys in showcasing our latest innovations, and had the opportunity to offer live demonstrations.

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DistribuTECH: Transforming Power

If you work for a utility company, the odds are you’ve heard of DistribuTECH. This year on January 23rd, we’ll bring the best in linemen safety gear to this world-renown event.

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Linemen: Doing the Most Good

It’s the season of giving and thankfulness. This year, we thought we’d share a story with you about a group of linemen who took vacation time to volunteer to do the most good in a tiny village desperately in need of electricity and the economic boost it provides.

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Raising Awareness for Linemen Safety

Team Bevins has been traveling the country with Team Hubbell, demonstrating linemen safety tools and technology and raising awareness about the risks linemen take and the best new ways to prevent accidents. We recently hit events like SWEDE and the APPA Lineman Rodeo. Find out where we’ll be next!

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ICOLIM 2017 a Success!

We’d like to take a big moment to say thank you to Frank Lopez, and everyone from Hubbell, for participating with us in this event. We appreciate your work in distribution, sales, and for being on the front lines, demonstrating our products to utilities, linemen and anyone else interested in keeping these guys safe on the line.

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Hubbell Instructs @TechAdvantage

San Diego brought in the TechAdvantage Conference this year, and present at the conference were two important member of the Hubbell Power Systems team Warren Brown, Regional VP, North Central Region, and Chris Havlik, Vice President, Southeast Region.

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Bevins Hits Distributech 2017

At DistribuTECH, we work with the guys who make it happen, our Hubbell distributors, to communicate just how our tools are the best way to keep linemen heading home to their families each night.

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