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linemen industry news

Linemen News: June 2017

From the details of massive tree clean-up assistance by utilities in California to lowering the cost of solar and increasing the life of batteries across the world, we have all the electrical power industry news you need.

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Storm Soldiers II

This movie is about telling the story of linemen. A story that begins and ends with sacrifice. The real life tales of hard work, sacrifice, kindness toward your fellow man, and strength in the face of knee-weakening danger.

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Storm Heroes: Stay Alert!

Yesterday, the Midwest was rocked, once again, by storms. Linemen are, as always, the first crews to head into the wreckage – preventing further outages and repairing downed lines.

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Those who gave their lives

For the Arizona Firefighters

Today we remember the 19 firefighters who gave their lives to save others from the wildfires sweeping through Arizona. Keeping your families in our prayers, we thank you.

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