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Linemen: Doing the Most Good

It’s the season of giving and thankfulness. This year, we thought we’d share a story with you about a group of linemen who took vacation time to volunteer to do the most good in a tiny village desperately in need of electricity and the economic boost it provides.

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linemen industry news

Linemen News: October 2017

Moving toward renewable resources, the impact of the FERC on cybersecurity standards for utilities, and so much more. We’ve compiled the news and information you need in the electric utility industry.

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Transmission utility linemen safety

Bevins at TSDOS 2017

Recently, Rich Bevins headed out with the team to shake some hands and show the latest and greatest tools designed to increase safety and efficiency for linemen on the job.

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Our Tradition: Linemen Safety in a Dangerous Job

M.W. Bevins founded this company in 1957, sometime after he had invented the Original Phasing Set – to provide a safer way for linemen to test for live voltage. Today, Rich Bevins – the grandson of MW – carries on the tradition of saving the lives of these brave men and women by continuing to create new instruments, tools and technology to be used in the electrical power industry.

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The CHANCEĀ® Auto-Ranging Voltage Indicator, or ARVI, is the smart, next-generation, electric field intensity meter used as a diagnostic tool by qualified linemen to detect the presence or absence of voltage.

The ARVI confirms whether a high-voltage line is energized or de-energized before any maintenance is done. It’s designed to determine approximate phase-to-phase voltage classes up to 500kV.

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