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Deadly Work: Electrical Linemen


It Has to Come from Somewhere

It doesn’t matter what job you have, we’re guessing it requires electrical power. Why? Because few things in life can be done without it anymore. And while most people don’t really stop to think about it, that power has to come from somewhere. Sure, we think about the cost of the electric bill, but when it comes down to it having electrical power is never really a question for us. It’ll be there because it always is.

What That Means for Linemen

That means that linemen are leaving at the break of day and returning to their warms and comfortable homes after nightfall. It means, their sitting to dinner when the phone rings and they hear duty calling. For these first responders, a winter storm doesn’t mean a day to spend around the fire with the wife, or building a snowman with the kids. It means lives are in danger from the freezing temperatures with no electricity to power the home heater.

First to Respond, Last to Leave

No, for linemen, life is about duty, honor, and getting the job done right, safely, the first time. With lives on the line and their own to give, they often step into danger long before other first responders get there. And when everyone is safe, they’re still at work doing the restorations needed to finish the job and keep everyone comfortable.

Do Firemen Need Heroes?

Firemen are heroes. No question. Everytime fire endangers a life – firemen step into action. But even firemen and other notable first-responders realize the danger is going into a winter storm – or an area full of downed power lines…and serious flooding.

All these men and women risk their lives. But some of them go unnoticed. People cheer and cry with relief when a firemen rescues a poor soul from a fire and certain death. Not so, the linemen up an icy-slick pole in a winter storm – doing his best to think clearly enough to restore power effectively and not kill himself or his co-worker in the process.

We just wanted to make that point. Linemen perform heroic acts – every day at work. And it needs to be noticed.

Think Safety. Live Tough.

Think Safety. Live Tough.