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How Safe Are Our Substations?

In this age of digital hacking and theft, how safe are our substations?
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Securing the Grid

With the recent media explosion about cyberspace invasions into everything from the US Navy to Hollywood, we have to wonder how secure our electrical grid really is?

Substation security today stands at a crossroads in technology. But updating grid technology is only part of the solution.

The Right Approach

“The key to a more secure power grid includes an integrated mix of people, technologies, and processes that maximize security preparation. If securities implement a multi-layer, defense-in-depth security architecture their systems can achieve a high level of security…In the utility industry, this includes looking at policies and procedures as well as physical, network, computer and device security.
– Electricity Today Magazine”

Even the US Department of Homeland Security is warning us of increased attacks on our electrical grid, citing 59% of all cyber attacks as targeting the US energy sector in 2013. As we become more digitally dependent, we must be prepared to defend that infrastructure. And that means getting ourselves ready for anything.

It Starts With You

Cyber attacks come in all sizes. Some from overseas, some hit right at the substation. We can’t prevent much on our end, but we can do something.

Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see.” In this case, security starts with us. Follow your safety measures, keep your gear in good shape, pay attention in tailgate meetings and don’t forget to watch each others’ backs.

For us, the bottom line is this. Stay on your guard, tower crews and linemen. Who knows, you might be the hero who prevents the next attack.

Use the Best Tools

Monitor data from the cab of your truck. And keep it safe out there.