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ICOLIM 2017 a Success!

Welcome to the ICOLIM Gala!

A wild success! The last few days at ICOLIM – sponsored in part by IEEE Power & Energy Society – have made an impact on the world of lineman safety products, thanks to Frank Lopez, and everyone from Hubbell, who participated with us in this event. Thanks to Hubbell Power Systems, fellow advocates for Bevins linemen safety products, we’ve shared our passion for a higher standard in
lineman tools and technology and learned a few things along the way too.

ICOLIM 2017 Hubbell Power From left: Jerry Meyers, HPS Int’l Product Mgr.; (unknown); Rich & Renee Bevins; (unknown); Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lopez, RVP; Pam & Ken Carlson, HPS President of Sales.

To our Hubbell partners

We’d like to take a big moment to say thank you to Frank Lopez, and everyone from Hubbell, for participating with us in this event. We appreciate your work in distribution, sales, and for being on the front lines, demonstrating our products to utilities, linemen and anyone else interested in keeping these guys safe on the line.

It’s been a great week. See you next year. Until then:

Keep it safe out there. Live tough.