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LineLife Foundation: Lineman Crisis Support

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Offering Support for Lineman & Line Families

One year ago, an idea was born. Really just a dream funded by the personal accounts of a few women who have been deeply affected by a tragedy in the life of a lineman.

With the kindness and support of line families around the country the LineLife Foundation now thrives a strong supporter of line families in need after a crisis.

With a speed they couldn’t have fathomed when they first met to pool their small funds and heartfelt compassion for linemen and their families, the foundation has grown to become something bigger and more effective than anyone expected.

In their words…

We started on an idea. We had a dream. We put fourth our own funds and went forward to be what we are today.

But, we wouldn’t be here without the support of all of you. Especially our volunteers. We have grown faster than any of us could have ever imagined. Now our sister group LineLife Foundation Hearts and Hands has over 1300 members.

The positive feedback we have received has been humbling. We have volunteers in every state, hospital bags, a storm list, Linelife gear and much more.

Who would have thought that our dream would become such an amazing reality. Stay tuned! Because we have so much more to come. If we can become this big in one year just imagine what the future holds for the LineLife Foundation.

Let’s Continue to Support LineLife Foundation!

So please keep sharing us, talking about us, sending us your messages, snapping with us and tagging us on Instagram. Please continue to #showuswhereyoustuckit. We owe this growth to you guys. We love and appreciate each and every one of you!

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