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Lineman Safety is Lineman Tough

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How Tough Are You?

It takes a strong man to exercise the restraint required to strap on, haul up and apply all his safety measures when he knows he can move faster without it. But that same man will be walking in the door to see his family after the job’s done.

On the flip side, it doesn’t take much effort to jump in and start working without any thought to safety. But you know the old saying, “Fools rush in.” It’s more true than we like to think about.

Linemen are beginning to get more attention. Today’s media hunt for the next tough job or hero to worship seems to finally have recognized linemen and tower climbers as the brave and hard working heroes they’ve always been.

The world is beginning to watch us. But with this new exposure come the stories of those who died on the line. The fallen, the burned, the families left behind. All these remind us that it only takes once to lose everything.

Today and everyday, work hard, have each other’s backs, and never leave your house, the depot, your truck, or the ground without everything you need to be the safest guy on the line.

Show them what real men look like: tough, true, and safe.