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Linemen and Tower Technicians – Thank you

cell tower techniciansIt’s not easy being a linemen.

Dealing with electricity at heights up to 180 feet takes guts and skill – and some other quality we can’t quite put our finger on. Something between cowboy tough and biker rough.

We owe much of what we have in life to these bold men of the line: our comfort, our schedules, our safety, and our medical advancements are just some of the things we could name.

But there are others who risk their lives daily for our comfort and safety.

These are the tower technicians who climb extreme heights to keep our cell lines clear and functioning. And a broadcasting tower can soar an incredible 2,000 feet in the air.

Safety gear isn’t a joke when you’re about half a mile high.

In fact, your life depends on the reliability of your equipment at that height.

Bevins Co. works tirelessly to provide the safe and trustworthy equipment these tough guys require to do their job every day. And we just want to say, “Thanks.”

To all of you who work hard and long to keep the rest of us safe and comfortable.