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Linemen Bringing Light to Guatemala

In this century, we expect that most people have some form of electricity at their disposal. But sadly, this is only true for most of us. Two villages in the region of Ixcán near the Mexican border, have never heard of electricity. That is, until now.

Linemen to the Rescue

On September 16th, fifteen volunteer Linemen headed for Guatemala, providing for the very first time, electricity to the families in the tiny towns of Pie de Cerro and Tierra Blanca Salinas. The work will not be easy because of the terrain. Although a good portion of the land there is flat, the linemen will face a strong challenge in one long mile covered by a dense rain forest, difficult to get through and dangerous any way you look at it.

OK & CO Linemen Join Forces

These linemen represent the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives (OAEC) and the Colorado Rural Electric Association (CREA), which have a longstanding tradition of bringing power to areas where there is none – no matter how difficult and remote it might be to access. They will ensure that the job gets done.

This project will consist of 130 poles in approximately 4.34 miles of primary line and 3.86 miles of secondary line. We couldn’t be more proud of these guys, and you should be too.

Follow their progress on their Facebook Page.

A local municipal utility, Empresa Municipal Rural de Electricidad (EMRE), based in Playa Grande, Ixcán, will maintain the powerlines once they are built.

They should be returning on October 4th with a notch of a successful installment in their belts. Thank you, linemen, for working hard to bring power to these tiny villages in Guatemala. We can’t always help everyone, but we can always help someone. #ThankALineman