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Linemen News: April 2019

Linemen News

Can AI Be the Next-Generation T&D Inspection Technology?

Dawn of the utility microgrid

Today, for many states in the US, integrating distributed energy resources (DERs) is becoming increasingly important, and communities are creating plans that look closely at the needs of not only community sustainability, but also the needs of critical service providers, such as police, fire, and water.

For example, a city might choose to add solar panels to the roof of city hall and have batteries installed in the basement to ensure that the crisis control room for the city is functional in the event of a power outage.


A Formula for Sloping Ground Pole Setting

Utility poles carry high-voltage transmission wires, lower voltage distribution wires, communications lines and transformers. Leaning poles are more liable to crack, bringing the transformer crashing down and hurting people or damaging property in the process.

Even lower voltage distribution lines can cause severe injuries. Tree branches that touch a power line can energize the tree and the ground around it, making for a dangerous situation.


The 21st-century grid is transforming faster than anyone imagined 10 years ago, when natural gas seemed to be our power source of the future. Today, with ever-dropping prices in renewables and storage, the future is being redefined.


Transmission & Distribution: Power Transport Nodes

Transmission & Distribution: The Hirschmann DRAGON PTN backbone network family, provisioned using Operation Administration Maintenance (OAM) software HiProvision, offers resilient packet-based MPLS-TP technology to guarantee bandwidth availability across large networks.


Energy at a Cellular Level: Battery Storage Shows Plenty of Power

Battery storage technology has moved in fits and starts, but today experts note that rapid advances make it difficult for safety standards to keep pace. Developers of storage systems are designing projects to enhance reliability and resiliency, and help integrate renewable resources into the grid, while ensuring rewards outweigh the risks.


Storm Safety Tips

It’s that time of year when keeping mindful of possible winter weather is of the utmost importance. Here are some helpful tips to bear in mind during this season. And another on hazardous winter weather from our own Marty Admire: A former lineman.

Be Prepared. Think Safety.