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Linemen News: September

September highlights from the world of linemen news.

Here are some industry news and information articles from around the web, just for you.
Collage of towers halved

How Drones Will Change the Utility Industry

A few months ago, Amazon surprised quite a few people with the announcement that they’re planning for a drone delivery service. Recently, Twitter used drones to make Vine videos of people attending the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for the marketing and communication industry.

Amazon and Vine videos aside, drones may also have a huge impact on the utility industry. According to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), or drone, can be used effectively to assess storm damage on utility distribution systems and help utilities shorten their outage response times. Read more…

Why are Power Lines Almost Always Above Ground?

Every time a line comes down in someone’s backyard or people in a neighborhood live without power for a few days, people start to question the placement of their electrical wires. Raising questions as to whether lines are in the best place is beneficial.

Inquiries from community members start an important conversation with service providers and local government – one that delves into the many issues associated with installing and maintaining power lines. Read more…

Expert Advise to Make your Hoist more Versatile

Some people call the nylonstrap hoist a “hot hoist.” I shudder every time I hear it and wish there were a way to tell everyone two things: 1. The nylonstrap hoist is not an insulated live-line tool. 2. You can increase its versatility and use it for some “hot” jobs simply by adding an inexpensive Hoist Link Stick (a length of 11/4-inch Epoxiglas® pole with a steel safety hook on one end and a butt swivel on the other).

In 1967, Chance introduced the light, rugged, well-balanced nylonstrap hoist at the National Safety Congress and since, we have sold it all over the world. Linemen loved it from the beginning. So do I. But this affection can mislead you into using the hoist for situations it isn‘t designed to handle.
Following are some guidelines for the various Chance hoists. Read more…

Central Maine Power Conducts Aerial Inspections of Transmission Lines

Central Maine Power Co., a subsidiary of Iberdrola USA, began its summer inspections of its transmission lines earlier this month. The annual inspection flights are an important part of the utility’s efforts to ensure safe, reliable delivery of power to homes and businesses throughout its service area.

The utility inspects its transmission system using a helicopter equipped with infrared equipment to detect “hot spots” that might need attention.

“Our lines are exposed to the weather all the time, and extreme temperatures and precipitation can take their toll on switches, clamps, insulators, and other equipment,” says CMP spokesperson Gail Rice. Read more…

Keep up the good work! Think Safety. Live Tough