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Linemen News February: 2018

Highlights from the World of Linemen News

Here are some industry news and information articles from around the web, just for you.
Collage of towers halved

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Hubbell Power Systems

FPL unveils solar power plus energy storage system

Florida Power & Light Co. unveiled a new solar-plus-storage system to fully integrate battery technology with a solar power plant in a way that increases the plant’s overall energy output. Read More

Rick’s T&D Revelations: What’s Exciting at Distributech

T&D World Strategic Director shares what he found exciting at Distributech this year: important innovations such as new relay technology, superconducting energy storage and virtual reality in substations. Watch here

California PUC establishes new utility planning process to reach carbon goals

California has a suite of renewable and clean energy programs that are making progress on the state’s goals, but regulators are continuing to fine-tune the process. That new framework will focus on electricity providers finding effective strategies to reduce carbon emissions while maintaining service. Read More

WAPA to Upgrade, Construct Transmission from New Mexico to Arizona

Western Area Power Administration and Southline Transmission have signed a participation agreement to develop the Southline Transmission Project—a new critical energy infrastructure effort that will support grid reliability and facilitate renewable energy development in the region. Read more

New Jersey Gets the Spark It Needs to Move Offshore Wind Forward

Gov. Phil Murphy yesterday signed an executive order directing the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) to fully implement the Offshore Wind Economic Development Act (OWEDA) and begin the process of moving the state toward a goal of 3.5 GW of offshore wind energy generation by 2030. Read more

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