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Linemen News: February

February Highlights from the World of Linemen News

Here are some industry news and information articles from around the web, just for you.
Collage of towers halved

Electric Utility Trends and Predictions for 2016

Increased adoption of energy storage, particularly by commercial and industrial and institutions
Energy storage is heating up. Though the technology is still pricy, it offers unique benefits that developers of power projects find attractive. There are several technologies available, but it is likely that battery prices will continue to drop as they have in years past, leading battery-based energy storage to continue to lead in revenue and overall activity.

Utilities benefit from energy storage capacity because the technology helps smooth out the intermittency of renewable energy, which can play havoc with power grids that weren’t designed to handle wind and solar. Also, battery prices have declined more than 50 percent since…Continue Reading

Event: The Work Truck Show

The Work Truck Show is your opportunity to see the newest vocational truck and equipment offerings; choose from a variety of industry-specific training; and gain access to technical and engineering representatives from hundreds of exhibiting companies. Check out the Registration.

Greenlee develops new RXM Reel Stand with 6,000 pounds capacity

Rockford, IL – Greenlee Textron, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company has developed a new RXM Reel Stand that delivers improved set-up time, mobility and capacity while safely dispensing spools of cable during a pull. A pair of Greenlee RXM Reel Stands can accommodate spools weighing up to 6,000 pounds. The design incorporates a rubber carry handle and weighs only 35 pounds, allowing for easy transport around the job site. This new reel stand also eliminates loose pieces and the need for any additional tools during setup. Continue Reading.

Event: 2016 Florida Linemen Competition

Established in 2001 by the Florida Municipal Electric Association(FMEA), the Florida Lineman Competition is where public power lineworkers come together from all over the region to demonstrate their skill and knowledge in the craft of linework. At the Competition, journeyman and apprentice and Senior lineworkers can compete for professional recognition, attend training courses and practice essential skills in a safe environment. Continue Reading.

On Grid Modernization, Gap Widens Between Leading States, Laggards

A new study says there’s more utilities and states can do to utilize new technology and data.
Utilities and regulators have long talked about the need to build the modern “smart grid,” but now a new report shows that a handful of states are actually doing something about it.

“We see things in this report that show modernization is not just talk anymore, things are being done,” said Steve Hauser, CEO of the GridWise Alliance, an organization that pushes for integration of new grid technologies. Continue Reading.

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