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Linemen News: Highlights


Ever wonder what’s going on the wide world of linemen, but don’t have time to read through all the trade rags? We’ve compiled some of the best news from the world of linemen and tower climbing industries right here on Bevins to keep you up-to-speed.
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Requirements for GPFE: Answering 3 Questions

During a recent National Electrical Code (NEC) training program, inquiries about ground-fault protection of equipment (GFPE) were raised. Two questions were: Why is ground-fault protection required for large equipment rated at 1,000 volts (V) or less, and what are the requirements for GFPE when the equipment is installed in healthcare distribution systems? The third question related to required performance testing for installed GFPE. This article addresses each of these questions.

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Dangerous Ground: Specifying Arc-Flash Studies – IEEE1584.1

An arc-flash study should not be thought of simply as an item that needs to be checked off the list. However, many people still view it this way. It is not unusual to hear, “I don’t completely understand what an arc-flash study is, but I need one,” or “Can’t you just provide us with a typical study?”

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Utility outage management systems market to reach $1.3 billion annually by 2023

Global spending on outage management systems is expected to grow from $929.4 million annually in 2014 to $1.3 billion in 2023, according to a report from Navigant Research. Utility IT infrastructures across the world are being transformed by the introduction of smart grid technologies, particularly the integration of massive amounts of data from smart meters and increased distributed grid monitoring and intelligence.
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