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Linemen News: January 2018

Highlights from the World of Linemen News

Here are some industry news and information articles from around the web, just for you.
Collage of towers halved

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Hubbell Power Systems

New Hampshire transmission line backers say approval key for economy

Supporters of one of the most-debated power transmission projects in New Hampshire history say approval of the project is essential for economic and energy development in the state Read More

Supergrids are Possible

Since the start of the “Digital Innovations Center of Excellence,” we have had a history column, and it will continue, but this month I’m going to change that a bit to storytelling. After talking with Ram Adapa, our feature column author, this month, I have been thinking about the DC grid he wrote about… Read More

10 trends shaping the power sector in 2018

The utility industry saw the death of two utility mega-projectsjaw-dropping prices for renewable energy and storage and a federal subsidy proposal that threatened to “blow up” the wholesale power markets. And that was just the second half of the year. 2018 promises to be no different. From EPA speeding through a Clean Power Plan replacement to FERC’s “truncated” resilience docket and the first federal pipeline policy review since 1999, the sector’s plate is full even before state and local issues come into play… Read More

How A California Utility Used A Battery To Jumpstart A Power Plant

Music fans traveling northwest on highway 86 toward the Coachella music festival next year might not give the rolling hills of California’s Imperial Valley more than a passing glance. But energy insiders know it as the site of a major technological feat that could herald a new era in power-grid resiliency.

In May, the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) performed the first “black start” of a power plant in North America. They did it by starting and revving up the El Centro power station to full power with only a GE battery energy storage system… Read more

FERC approves PennEast pipeline in 4-1 vote, Glick dissents

After a nearly three-year review process, FERC late on Friday released its order granting a certificate of public convenience and necessity to the PennEast pipeline, which would deliver Pennsylvania gas to load centers in New Jersey… Read More

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