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Linemen News: March

News Highlights from the Electric Power Industry.

American Society of Civil Engineers grades U.S. energy infrastructure at C-, cites $200B funding gap

Things are looking up, ever so slightly, for upgrading America’s infrastructure, but the need is still great in both energy and beyond, according to a new American Society of Civil Engineers report.

The ASCE’s report card every four years grades the U.S. on the state of infrastructure from energy to bridges, inland waterways, water and aviation, among many sectors. For the first time in 20 years, the overall infrastructure grade point average is finally better up to a C-minus from the Ds given in 2017 and earlier. >> Read more

Storage deployments shatter records — again — in Q4 2020

2020 was the first year that advanced storage deployments surpassed gigawatt scale, Jason Burwen, interim CEO of ESA said in the press release, adding that the sector is on an accelerating trajectory due to continuing cost declines, growing policy support and state as well as federal regulatory reform. >> Read more

FirstEnergy subsidiary The Illuminating Company is making the grid in Ohio more resilient

As part of its plan to modernize its electric distribution system in Ohio, The Illuminating Company, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp said its completing electrical grid upgrades in eastern Cuyahoga County to limit the frequency and duration of power outages.

The work is part of an initial three-year phase of the company’s grid modernization plan and includes installation of new, automated equipment and technology in substations and along power lines serving more than 20,000 customers in parts of Solon, Chagrin Falls, Bedford Heights and nearby areas. >> Read more

Federal and local officials said the attackers may have used a desktop sharing application called TeamViewer and exploited weak password hygiene. The actors also exploited the operator’s use of the outdated Windows 7 system to bypass built-in security barriers and take control of the system.  >> Read more

Nuclear researcher perspective: Reactors worth their salt

Why molten salt reactors could offer a revolution in clean energy.

The world has undergone the largest decrease of global poverty in the past few decades. Over 100 million people have been connected to the electric power grid every year since 2010. >> Read more

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