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Linemen News: May 2017

Highlights from the World of Linemen News

Here are some industry news and information articles from around the web, just for you.
Collage of towers halved

How Mobile Technology is Helping Leading Utilities Redefine Storm Response

For utility professionals, unpredictable weather is part of the job. But even for those simply trying to plan an outdoor event, despite today’s advanced algorithms and predictive models, there’s a chance that a sunny barbeque may end up getting wet. And although minor disruptions are a nuisance, the real danger lies in the catastrophic weather events that can severely impact our lives. These are the events that put utility professionals to the test – and mobile tech is helping them be more responsive than ever… Read More

Report: Distributed generation is rising, but most utilities not ready

Utilities worldwide face imperatives to shape new revenues even while reframing regulatory arguments and also dealing with greater cybersecurity dangers in the ever-connected world. Yet distributed generation-such as rooftop solar-is tearing into the business model first and foremost… Read More

Myth-busting the 2017 electric utility customer

Customer engagement has been a strategic priority for electric utilities over the past decade, and its importance has only grown as more distributed generation options and smart devices have hit the marketplace. In this environment of technology change, how informed are 2017 electric utility customers? What value do they perceive to get from their utilities and what more are they looking for?

In setting out to answer these questions in our 2017 Utility Customer survey, we uncovered some myth-busting customer insights that help to unlock meaningful customer engagement opportunities… Read More

As utilities embrace DERs, pilot projects emerge as key element of compromise

New survey results from over 600 electric utility professionals show that the power sector is embracing distributed energy resources (DERs) — but doing so in its characteristic tentative fashion.

Nearly 85% of respondents to Utility Dive’s 2017 State of the Electric Utility Survey indicated they expect distributed generation to grow moderately or significantly in their power mix over the next 10 years. 90%, meanwhile, said they believe their utility should have a business model to embrace the DER shift…. Read More

The Progression of Expertise and How to Improve Your Training Program

One of the common challenges of building a strong training program is how to move students efficiently from novice to expert. In this video presented by SOS Intl, Rocky Sease, owner and CEO, talks with Pam Ey, PhD, Training Program Strategist, about this progression.

Training should identify where participants are in their expertise progression and create opportunities to move them efficiently and effectively along their training path. Understanding these steps will help you improve your training and move your learners from novice to expert… Read More

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