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Linemen News: October

News Highlights from the Electric Power Industry.

PPL credits smart grid system for 1M avoided customer outages in past 5 years

Early last month, PPL Electric Utilities, which provides electric delivery service to more than 1.4 million homes and businesses in Pennsylvania announced that it has successfully avoided one million customer outages in the past five years.

PPL thanks its smart grid technology, which instantaneously reroutes power in the event of a problem, for keeping outage areas contained to the smallest possible footprint. >> Read more

PNM sets aside $2 million for customers struggling to pay their electric bill

PNM today announced that it will set aside $2 million for new COVID Customer Relief Programs to help struggling residential and small business customers pay their past due electric bills. The funds came from shareholders. These programs are designed to deliver assistance for residential and small business customers who are behind on their bill and to avoid an interruption of electric service down the road. >> Read more

US cybersecurity agency urges utilities to increase protections, warns of potential attacks from China

According to CISA, China “has a history of using national military and economic resources to leverage offensive cyber tactics in pursuing its national interests.” The agency warned that attacks could target industries considered critical to U.S. national and economic interests, including: new energy vehicles, power equipment, next-generation information technology (IT), biotechnology, robotics, financial services, defense and other sectors. >> Read more

Better vegetation and weather data helps utilities navigate disasters

Severe storms often bring last-minute surprises. When Hurricane Laura made landfall in southwestern Louisiana in late August 2020, it brought less flooding than expected, but far more wind. With sustained winds of up to 150 miles per hour, the Category 4 hurricane uprooted many large trees, causing 130,000 power outages across the state. >> Read more

As many as 179 million Americans are at risk of losing utility services as the country heads toward winter, and electric and gas utility companies are looking at $24.3 billion in unpaid bills, according to an analysis released Oct. 1 by the National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association (NEADA). >> Read more


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