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Our Tradition: Linemen Safety in a Dangerous Job

Who We Are

M.W. Bevins founded this company in 1957, sometime after he had invented the Original Phasing Set to provide a safer way for linemen to test for live voltage. Today, Rich Bevins – the grandson of MW – carries on the tradition of saving the lives of these brave men and women by continuing to create new instruments, tools and technology to be used in the electrical power industry.

Where It All Began

Around here, we take the story of our story for granted. Pictures of the last sixty some years of linemen history line our walls, and their stories form the basis of what solutions we’re going to produce next.

What We Do

But not everyone knows our story. Our reason for pushing hard to get the next generation of technology into line tools is all about safety. Every day we push for better tools, a higher standard of communication – like adding a QR Code to all new products and storage bags. Linemen can use any smart device to link to a Video Manual, Online Manual, Repair Form and Customer Service Line – even in the field.

We added Bluetooth® to our Multi-Range Voltage Indicator to allow linemen to bring voltage readings right to their Apple or Android device. Just one more way to keep them safe and gain a record of the readings taken on the line.

For us, making the dangerous work of linemen safer is the highest standard we can achieve. Offering them a more efficient tool that gets them home quicker after a long day on the line gives us a feeling of satisfaction that can’t be beat.

Bevins. CHANCE. Hubbell.

Decades ago, we developed a strong manufacturing bond with A.B. CHANCE, and today our products are distributed through Hubbell Power Systems. We deeply appreciate our partners for all they do to make our work a reality.

But our story remains the same. Our lives are dedicated to the work started by M.W. Bevins so long ago. To save the lives of linemen and help them to get the job done quickly and efficiently each and every day, in the field and in the substation.

We want all linemen to end the job and go home to their families. And that’s what we work for. So keep it safe out there. And remember, you’re working a dangerous job, but you’re smart, capable and stronger than the job at hand.

From our team at Bevins to linemen everywhere: Thank you!