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Marvin Wilson Bevins: An Original

M.W. Bevins
Marvin Wilson Bevins with a Original Phasing Voltmeter Tester he handmade, back in 1943, while working as an Area Engineer with PSO.

He developed the tester to ensure crews could safely test for phase relationships on the utility lines. Using only the tools of the trade from that 1940’s era, he handmade a dozen units.

The Original
Each unit included a panel meter and wood with dielectric properties along with a bridge rectifier.

These he placed on a circuit board, dropping the voltage to 1 1/2 milliamp on the meter dial. On like phases, the tester is used on the same conductor, and if correct, will read zero. The unit can be used to determine current voltages by touch one probe to the conductor and the other probe to ground.

It wasn’t until 1957, that the demand for his invention drove him to make more than the original dozen units. So, he started MW Bevins Co. in his backyard shop. In 1961, a gentleman named Gene Smith, with Nelson Electric, took Marvin to see the A.B. Chance Co.

Bevins, CHANCE, and Hubbell
The first couple of visits went without any agreements. But by the fourth meeting, they had started the long-time relationship Bevins Co. has with AB Chance (aka Hubbell Power Systems) today.

Marvin also invented many other tools and products such as the Phasing Tester used in underground cabinets, along with extensions for voltages above 16kV. And in 1973, Marvin developed the single stick operation of determining if any voltage is present: the Multi Range Voltage Detector (aka MRVD).

Our Family, Our Tradition
Through the years, our family has worked tirelessly to continue in his footsteps. We work hard to provide you with the best tools, so you can do your job safely and with excellence.

The Original Phasing Voltmeter Tester Today

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