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On the Road with Bevins: ICUEE

The International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition

Rich Bevins, Casey Evans and Mike Cotner hit the road to Louisville, KY, for the annual International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition last week to demonstrate some of our best linemen safety tools and equipment.

Linemen safety tools

The Best Guys in the Electric Utility Safety Tool Business

We got to meet up with the guys from Classic Connectors & ClampStar, and of course, the team from Hubbell Power Systems. But more importantly, we got a chance to show utility managers and engineers just what the Multi-Range Voltage Indicator (MRVI) could really do out there on the line.

It’s one thing to read about it, but there’s something about getting to see a demonstration live and get a feel for the tool in your hands to give a full awareness of how much safer it is to use this new technology for electrical linework.

The next day, the outdoor exhibition and show proved awe-inspiring more than usual, as we watched the American flag wave over all the action. These shows always give us a moment to pause and remember how many people it takes – working together – to get the job done right and safely. Our goal is to get it done safely every time, so that linemen make it home to their families every single night.

As always, keep it safe out there.