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Featured Product: URD Accessory – Elbow Adaptor


URD Accessory: Elbow Adaptor

This Elbow Adapter works with all for all Phasing Testers and Indicators for 15, 25 & 35kV.

Bevins also produces Elbow Adapters, Analog and Distribution Phasing Testers for 15, 25 and 35 kV.

How does it work?

Elbow Adapters must be used on URD loadbreak elbows.

Before the Voltage Tester is used to test elbows or bushings on dead front URD equipment, the proper adapter must be attached to the tool.

Elbow must be controlled or restrained with an insulated hot stick while using Voltage Tester to check elbows. Also remember to park it correctly when bushing is being checked.

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Where do I get an Elbow Adapter?

You can purchase these Elbow Adapters from your local Hubbell Distributor.
Ask for model #: T403-0856