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Revolutionizing the Power Industry: Series 90 Capstan Hoist

Need Power?

The Series 90 Electric-Powered Capstan Hoist with 1000 lb lift capacity, 115-Volt AC (Model Number: C308-1170) is still revolutionary to the power industry.

capstan hoist series 90 electric


This design features a multiple-planetary drive and backstop-clutch assembled on the center shaft of a steel gear case with full-length internal teeth.

The Series 90 Electric-Powered Capstan Hoist handles rugged jobs and offers an extended service life, reducing maintenance.


Lightweight, yet remarkably powerful, these portable hoists move heavyweight work to get the job done efficiently, and they’re perfect for accessing even the toughest job sites.

Work Utility Examples: Setting utility poles, pulling wheeled equipment over obstacles, raising transformers (even over fences in back lots), hoisting heavy insulators, stringing and tensioning conductors, and pulling cable above and underground.


Operator effort remains low for typical loads simply by adding wraps on the capstan drum. Bonus: any crew member can run the hoist. Plus, control is so accurate, loads can be moved even fractions of an inch.

Check out the Series 90 Capstan Hoist , or get more info by contacting your local Hubbell Distributor.