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Storm Heroes: Stay Alert!


Yesterday, the Midwest was rocked, once again, by storms. Seven tornadoes and 120 extreme storms hit the middle of the country, wrecking havoc throughout the region.

The weather hit Oklahoma hard causing dozens of car accidents and thousands of power outages. Linemen are, as always, the first crews to head into the storm to prevent further outages and repair downed lines.

At Bevins, you’re heroes who are sent to the rescue even before the first responders.

Reported tornado just west of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Wednesday. (Photo Credit: Brandon Ivey)


Don’t become complacent. With experience (too often) it becomes easy to just go into “work mode” and focus on the task.

With severe weather the added task of watching the weather conditions. Be mindful of quick and unexpected changes in wind, precipitation and electrical storms, and be prepared to take immediate shelter if necessary. The danger of the storm is compounded by the fact that the job at hand requires all your focus.

Important: Ask for additional eyes on the area surrounding you and the awareness of co-workers who are not performing the dangerous task.

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Remember everything you’ve learned over the years about keeping your equipment in good shape.

If you’ve been working as a lineman a long time, you may need to take a moment to brush up on safety, as time and technology bring better tools and procedures. Here’s an article that might help: Most Dangerous Jobs: Accident Prevention.

Using the best tools for the job is a high priority for this dangerous line of work. Voltage Detectors, Voltage Indicators, Phasing Sets, and Capstan Hoists can all be part of safely completing the task at hand during and after these intense storms. Thank you for all you do.

Keep it safe out there, Storm Heroes.