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Storm Soldiers II

It’s Time

If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s time you did. Electric linemen often are not recognized for the work they do. Day in and day out they work the lines. Secure the grid. Restore power to homes and businesses without fail. And they are generally ignored.

Storm Soldiers II: A story about sacrifice

This movie is about telling the story of linemen. A story that begins and ends with sacrifice. The real life tales of hard work, sacrifice, kindness toward your fellow man, and strength in the face of knee-weakening danger.

Thank you, Linemen

It’s time we stand up and say “Thank You” to the ones keeping our lives safe, secure, and well-powered up.
Here’s the trailer. Pick up the movie online and watch it with your family. Teach your kids to respect the work of others and to recognize a job well done.