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linemen safety is our business

On a Mission: Linemen Safety Education

Someone asked me…
“Why do you still travel to teach safety to utilities and linemen?” It was an honest question. With all the talk of linemen safety and being your brother’s keeper, it appears to be a conversation everyone has already had. So why do I continue to travel?

Because the conversation has just begun.

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Deadly Work: Electrical Linemen

And while most people don’t really stop to think about it, that power has to come from somewhere. Sure, we think about the cost of the electric bill, but when it comes down to it having electrical power is never really a question for us. It’ll be there because it always is. But who is it that keeps it going? And how risky is that job?

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Crew Tough Poster – For Mobile!

Want a new lineman wallpaper for your mobile device?

Download this winning image by lineman Andrew Warner to your phone, tablet, or other mobile device and you can be Crew Tough wherever you go.

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Think Safety!

Linemen, your job is the 4th most dangerous job in the world. We say it all the time, we know. But we can’t remind you often enough how important it is to think safety first.

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Drivin’ 4 Linemen 200

Thanks to the Drivin’ For Linemen Campaign joining The Fallen Linemen Organization, linemen are now listed as first responders and celebrated throughout the NASCAR world through the MAKE Motorsports Team at the Gateway Motorsports Park.

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Storm Heroes: Stay Alert!

Yesterday, the Midwest was rocked, once again, by storms. Linemen are, as always, the first crews to head into the wreckage – preventing further outages and repairing downed lines.

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Thank You, Linemen!

This week, we take the time to say Thank You! to all of you who work daily to keep the lights on, the power running and the grid in check.

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The Real Work of a Lineman

Without linemen, consistent power to our homes and businesses would be impossible. The real work of a lineman is to keep the lights on, no matter what. And while that may be rewarding – it’s never easy.

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