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Linemen News

Lineman News: May

As the pioneers of lineman safety, we’re always looking for news and info to keep you updated. From a new line of crimpers, cutters & groundbreaking fall protection to company partnerships and mergers, this is the latest in the world of the Power industry.

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Deadly Work: Electrical Linemen

And while most people don’t really stop to think about it, that power has to come from somewhere. Sure, we think about the cost of the electric bill, but when it comes down to it having electrical power is never really a question for us. It’ll be there because it always is. But who is it that keeps it going? And how risky is that job?

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Drivin’ 4 Linemen 200

Thanks to the Drivin’ For Linemen Campaign joining The Fallen Linemen Organization, linemen are now listed as first responders and celebrated throughout the NASCAR world through the MAKE Motorsports Team at the Gateway Motorsports Park.

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