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Linemen News

Linemen News: April

A lot is going on for the electric industry; from the next generation of inspection technology and the creation of the utility Microgrid, to the integration of renewables to storage systems. We’re here to get you caught up on all that is happening in the power industry.

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Bevins at TechAdvantage 2019

TechAdvantage – Meeting the Demands of an Always On World As a company, we see the development of leading-edge technology for linemen as our highest calling. Every critical innovation of a linemen safety product brings us closer to ending linemen injuries and deaths.

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Bevins Tools Hit ICUEE!

For those in the electrical power industry, the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition, commonly known as the Demo Expo, brings utility pros together to grow their understanding of what’s happening in the latest technologies and trends affecting our work.

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Marvin Wilson Bevins: An Original

Marvin Wilson Bevins with a Original Phasing Voltmeter Tester he handmade, back in 1943. The demand for his invention drove him to make more than the original dozen units, so he started MW Bevins Co. in his backyard shop.

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Bevins Takes Over NATE-UNITE 2015

That’s right, we just finished the NATE Unite Conference and Expo this week where we got to hang out with the Hubbell guys, spend some time talking with the best workers in America, and showcase our latest tech.

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