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Linemen News: April

A lot is going on for the electric industry; from the next generation of inspection technology and the creation of the utility Microgrid, to the integration of renewables to storage systems. We’re here to get you caught up on all that is happening in the power industry.

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Bevins & Oncor: Making Safety a Priority

It’s our goal to produce the absolute safest electrical linemen tools in the industry, and we consider it a great honor to be asked to offer our experience in developing the latest tools and technology to keep these guys safe in the field.

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Deadly Work: Electrical Linemen

And while most people don’t really stop to think about it, that power has to come from somewhere. Sure, we think about the cost of the electric bill, but when it comes down to it having electrical power is never really a question for us. It’ll be there because it always is. But who is it that keeps it going? And how risky is that job?

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Think Safety!

Linemen, your job is the 4th most dangerous job in the world. We say it all the time, we know. But we can’t remind you often enough how important it is to think safety first.

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Lineman Photo Contest Winner!

We initiated this contest because the work linemen do gives the opportunity for so many amazing shots. The truth is that the job of electrical linemen is the 4th most dangerous job in the world. The images we chose show the depth of connection linemen have with their work.

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The Original is Still the Best

Back in 1943, Marvin Wilson Bevins handmade the first original Phasing Voltmeter Tester while he was an Area Engineer with PSO. His goal: ensure crews could safely test for phase relationships on the utility lines.

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Storm Heroes: Stay Alert!

Yesterday, the Midwest was rocked, once again, by storms. Linemen are, as always, the first crews to head into the wreckage – preventing further outages and repairing downed lines.

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