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Linemen News

Linemen News: November 2018

From the tsunami in Indonesia and its affect on the grid, to the wildfires of California and the efficacy of smart meters, we’re here to bring you some of the top stories in the power industry for November 2018.

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linemen safety is our business

On a Mission: Linemen Safety Education

Someone asked me…
“Why do you still travel to teach safety to utilities and linemen?” It was an honest question. With all the talk of linemen safety and being your brother’s keeper, it appears to be a conversation everyone has already had. So why do I continue to travel?

Because the conversation has just begun.

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Crew Tough Poster – For Mobile!

Want a new lineman wallpaper for your mobile device?

Download this winning image by lineman Andrew Warner to your phone, tablet, or other mobile device and you can be Crew Tough wherever you go.

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Think Safety!

Linemen, your job is the 4th most dangerous job in the world. We say it all the time, we know. But we can’t remind you often enough how important it is to think safety first.

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Lineman Photo Contest Winner!

We initiated this contest because the work linemen do gives the opportunity for so many amazing shots. The truth is that the job of electrical linemen is the 4th most dangerous job in the world. The images we chose show the depth of connection linemen have with their work.

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