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Bevins at TechAdvantage 2019

TechAdvantage – Meeting the Demands of an Always On World As a company, we see the development of leading-edge technology for linemen as our highest calling. Every critical innovation of a linemen safety product brings us closer to ending linemen injuries and deaths.

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Linemen News

Linemen News: March 2019

From developing a storm-resiliant grid to brush control and storm safety tips: we’re here to keep you updated and aware of the happenings in the electric power utility world.

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Linemen News: August

Utility industry news and information from the 725-mile TransWest Express transmission line to more government movement toward renewable energy and a 3rd generation linemen in the limelight.

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Hubbell Instructs @TechAdvantage

San Diego brought in the TechAdvantage Conference this year, and present at the conference were two important member of the Hubbell Power Systems team Warren Brown, Regional VP, North Central Region, and Chris Havlik, Vice President, Southeast Region.

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TechAdvantage 2016: Think Safety

Are you an engineer ready to leverage new apps and tech to get the job done right? Maybe you’re an operations pro keeping pace with changes in technology. Whether you’re an IT professional or a co-op insider, we’re here to show you cutting edge products to meet new challenges and improve on old methods in the electric power industry.

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