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Bevins: Pioneers of Linemen Safety

Light, Power, and Education: A History of Protecting Linemen It’s funny the way life twists and turns around us in ways that connect, enlighten and inspire us all. There’s a deep connection between the Public Service Company of Oklahoma, Tulsa Central High School and the Bevins family.

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Bevins Company History

Three generations of the Bevins family have brought safety and efficiency to the dangerous jobs linemen do. Rich Bevins and his father have some valuable history to tell about Bevins Co., the life of linemen, and how keeping these guys safe on the line has been their number 1 priority for generations.

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Our Tradition: Linemen Safety in a Dangerous Job

M.W. Bevins founded this company in 1957, sometime after he had invented the Original Phasing Set – to provide a safer way for linemen to test for live voltage. Today, Rich Bevins – the grandson of MW – carries on the tradition of saving the lives of these brave men and women by continuing to create new instruments, tools and technology to be used in the electrical power industry.

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