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linemen safety is our business

Bevins: Pioneers of Linemen Safety

Light, Power, and Education: A History of Protecting Linemen It’s funny the way life twists and turns around us in ways that connect, enlighten and inspire us all. There’s a deep connection between the Public Service Company of Oklahoma, Tulsa Central High School and the Bevins family.

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Marvin Wilson Bevins: An Original

Marvin Wilson Bevins with a Original Phasing Voltmeter Tester he handmade, back in 1943. The demand for his invention drove him to make more than the original dozen units, so he started MW Bevins Co. in his backyard shop.

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The Original is Still the Best

Back in 1943, Marvin Wilson Bevins handmade the first original Phasing Voltmeter Tester while he was an Area Engineer with PSO. His goal: ensure crews could safely test for phase relationships on the utility lines.

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