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Thank A Lineman, Thank God

Today is the one day out of the year when national attention shifts to linemen. It should be more often, we agree. But we’ll join the nation in saying once again, “Thank you, Linemen.”

Born to Climb Flagcrop

You Are Appreciated

While we believe linemen deserve much more recognition than this, it’s important to realize that the USA is the only country to offer a tribute to linemen at all.

Sometimes we forget that this country has worked since its founding to acknowledge and give thanks where thanks is due – first to God, then to those who offer blood, sweat and tears to keep others safe and our nation strong.

Who Are Your Grateful For?

Linemen, make today a time to be grateful. First to God for giving you all the good things that are yours. Then to your countrymen, for working alongside you everyday to keep this country what it is.

After you’ve said thanks (and when you’re finally home), hold your loved ones close, and say thank you once again. Let’s make this a day of appreciation for every good thing we have, and the time we have to enjoy it.

Thank you, linemen. You are truly great Americans.