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The NEW Surge Counter

Hubbell Power Systems Surge Counter

Our updated Surge Counter for MOV surge arresters provides multiple connection options not available to the cast metal Surge Counters. The external DuPont™ Rynite® housing provides high corrosion and UV resistance.

Real-Time Leakage Current Measurement

Internally, the updated circuit design provides important information concerning the operational history and current condition of your system. The display shows leakage milliamps (in real-time), as the cyclometer displays the number of surges the equipment has monitored since its initial connection.

Features and Benefits

• 6 digit electro-mechanical cyclometer
• Sealed to meet IP67 standard against water and dust ingress
• DuPont™ Rynite® housing with high corrosion
and UV resistance
• Easy direct coupling to arrester base
• Multiple connection options
• Powered by surge arrester connection
• No internal batteries or external power required
• No maintenance required
• Optional auxiliary model available

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

In addition to meeting the highest quality standards, each unit undergoes the following FAT tests:
• Leakage Current Calibration Test
• 8/20 Lightning Impulse Test

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