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The Real Work of a Lineman

Providing Light In a Dark NightWithout linemen, consistent power to our homes and businesses would be impossible.

The real work of a lineman is to keep the lights on, no matter what. And while that may be rewarding – it’s never easy. They willingly work through the hottest days and the darkest nights.

All kinds of weather must be prepared for – rain, snow, sleet and hail, not to mention ice storms, electrical storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.

But these are nothing compared to the ever-present risk of electrocution.

Safety is the number one priority for a lineman. That’s why extensive training, proper tools, clothing, and work procedures must be considered daily before a job can be done. At Bevins, we work tirelessly to keep these brave men safe.

At day’s end, the goal of every lineman is to go home to his family. . . with the lights still on.

To all of you who keep the lights on during the dark nights – Thank You.