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Top Ten Craziest Christmas Lights

This year, we thought we’d give you a little glimpse of all the bright lights of Christmas linemen work so hard to maintain on the grid. But don’t think of the electric bills or the greater strain on the system. Most of these are LED lights! Enjoy.

Best Bucket Truck

What better way to honor linemen during the holidays then lighting up a bucket truck for a parade? The truck won 2014 Parade of Lights, 2nd place and People’s Choice Award. Congratulations!

Most Dramatic

Even though it’s tough to get the scale of this display by watching the video, the castle backdrop used in the display is actually 3D, and is 24 feet tall!

Best DubStep

It’s short and kind of insane. But you’ve got to see it.

Best “Carol of the Bells”

Wait for the DROP! 20 ft spiral tree, 4 arches, 3D star, C9s for window frames and roof edges, flood lights, strobes, 87,000 lights, controlled by 336 channels of Light-O-Rama. (Everything except mega tree is LED)

Most Unusual

The Bath Christmas Lights Switch-on took place on Wednesday 12th November 2014.

Most Linemen-Friendly

(Electricity to run all season only $6!)

This ultra green light display only costs $6 in electricity to run for the entire season.

Most Crazy Action

New Zealand’s largest sychronized Christmas light Show display.

Best Disney Song

Features 140,000 lights and 336 computer channels using Light-O-Rama hardware and software. Music is broadcast through low-power radio transmitter on a local FM station.

Best Holdman Christmas

This family has become famous for their lights and the music show that goes with it.

Silliest Light Show

It’s the Christmas Can-Can. What can we say?

Most Awesome Ever

Speaks for itself.

Most Professional

Done at Paris Disney, of course. The cool thing is, you can hear the kids speaking in French beside whoever is filming it.
If you’re not a linemen, remember to thank one this season!

As always, keep it safe out there, linemen.