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We Made the Cover of Tower Times!

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That’s right! Our Chance® Series 90 Capstan Hoist made the cover of one of the most popular trade magazines, The Tower Times. And yes, we’re bursting at the seams with pride. Why?

Doing the Right Thing Gets Noticed

Because our mission is to promote the best, strongest, safest products to keep the hard-working men and women using them safe and efficient in the field.

Being recognized for a job well done…well, it just reminds us of how good it feels to do the right thing.

The Chance® Series 90 Capstan Hoist

Your time is important. Our Chance® Series 90 Capstan Hoist is engineered to be one of the fastest and quietest in the industry, pulling 40 feet per minute at full load. Featuring a multiple-planetary drive and backstop clutch assembled on the center shaft of a steel gearcase with full-length internal teeth, it’s the best hoist for every job. The Chance® Series 90 Capstan Hoist is designed to extend service life, reduce maintenance, and handle the most rugged of jobs.

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Live Tough. Keep it safe up there.

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