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Wireless Phasing Set: Video Instruction Manual

Watch specific directions & details on how to operate and maintain the new Wireless Phasing Set!

Why do I need the WPS?

If you’ve got our Original Phasing Set, you’re using the best – with a cable that extends up to 22 feet. But when the distance between transformers, a large intersection or other obstructions prevent checking the phase relationship between two energized conductors, the Wireless Phasing Set makes the job quicker, simpler and safer by communicating up to 300 feet without a cable. It’s the only tool you need to test for nominal voltage.

Not only does the WPS save time and money and prevent risk, it also provides a secondary use as an ARVI (Auto-Ranging Voltage Indicator). Consisting of two separate units, the Main & Probe, the WPS is a portable tool with two modes of operation.

The Process

  • Use the Main unit as an ARVI to determine approximate Phase-to-Phase nominal voltage.
  • Use the Wireless Phasing Set (a unique linking between the Main & Probe units) to determine if the connection can be made safely by testing for like phases between two energized conductors at a distance.


The primary function of this model is as a Wireless Phasing Tester – using the two units to communicate without a cable across a distance to determine the phase relationship between two electrical conductors with the same nominal voltage. The WPS is not considered a voltmeter since no wired connection exists between the two units.


The secondary function of this model requires only the Main unit to be used as an ARVI. The ARVI mode is designed for use on Capacitive Test Points through 765 kV AC 50/60 Hz Phase to Phase nominal voltage. The AVRI mode uses a single point of contact to the conductor, so it’s also not a voltmeter. This secondary function offers unique versatility.

Cool Features & Details

  • WPS communicates up to 300 feet!
  • Displays “In-Phase” or “Out-of-Phase” in WPS mode between two conductors with the same nominal voltage
  • For Overhead / Underground use on 50/60Hz systems
  • Two distinct audible indications for In-Phase and Out-of-Phase
  • Main has a Full Range ARVI functionality like PSC4032915
  • Field test with PSC4033582 tester
  • Shock tested per IEC 60068-2-27
  • Vibration tested per IEC 60068-2-6
  • For use with appropriate length hot sticks only

Safety First

  • Do not allow the universal coupling to become grounded in any way, or to contact another phase as this will cause erroneous readings and could cause severe personal injury or damage to equipment.
  • Always use an appropriate length insulated Hot Stick even when wearing rubber gloves. Contact with the universal coupling or other parts even with rubber gloves will cause erroneous readings. Always use with a universal pole to maintain its calibration.
  • Minimum Approach Distances (MAD) should be adhered to at all times. For the latest information and charts refer to the official OSHA website.